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Lunaroma Tailored to You

Lunaroma offers a vast array of custom specialized services which bring the art of aromatherapy to you. From Custom Signature Scent Design, to Custom Wholesale Product Design, to on-the-spot Aroma Bar Blends, Lunaroma tailors your aromatherapy experience to fit you.

Custom Signature Scent Experience

The Custom Signature Scent brings you to the forefront of the art and science of aromatic blending. At Lunaroma you will be pampered with a two-hour private consultation scent journey where you can take part in the creation of a custom blended perfume to express the essence of you, to mark a life change, or  to help invoke the beginning or ending of a cycle. Your aromatic visions will be brought into reality with the guided expertise of Lunaroma founder, Leyla Bringas.

Custom Wholesale Product Design

The Custom Wholesale Product Design is offered to capture the essence of your business in scent. Together, we work to bring your customized aromatherapy products to life for your spa, inn, hotel, bed and breakfast, salon or private practice. Guided by the expertise of Lunaroma founder Leyla Bringas, we offer consultation in the creation of a specific line of scented products from blending to packaging, to use at your establishment and to retail to your clients and guests.

aromatherapy solutions for business 

Bring aromatherapy to your work space with our custom aromatherapy design consultations for business. Businesses of all kinds can now benefit from the deliberate and conscious aromatherapy consultation services dedicated to your business environment. 

Working in spaces with specific needs, we can create environments which refresh, expand, relax, inspire creativity, or increase focus and productivity.

Whether you are looking to keep customers in your retail space longer, help patients relax while sitting in your dentist’s chair, improve the focus of data entry projects or ease the stress of a fast-paced work environment, our custom services will make using scent to create these ambiance shifts easy.