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Powered by Beauty, Love, and Commitment

The Lunaroma team is founded on education, superb customer service, personal integrity, love of plants and essential oils, and our desire to have fun while making a difference in our lives and the quality of life of our customers as well as everyone we reach.

Meet Our Team

Leyla Bringas

Team Role: Founder, Aromatherapist, Product Designer, Company Director, La Patrona

What Inspires Me: The transformative power of essential oils and healing plants...the way they demonstrate their abilities to influence all areas of life and wellbeing.  The way that you become more in tune with their rich lessons as you open up to them. Beauty, nature, and the art of being organized and detail oriented. My beautiful daughter, my family, and my Cuban heritage. The magic of transforming space and experience through scent.

Top Favorite Products:
Seasonal: Mocha Tan
For the Home: Lemon Lavender Foaming Hand Soap, Eucalyptus Blast, Wild Orange essential oil which I add to my dishwashing liquid, my beloved diffusers, all the synergies!!
For the Body: Less Stress, Ambrosia and Evergreen Body Washes, Jasmine Body Butter, Jasmine Sandalwood Sugar Body Polish
For the Face: Clarifying Facial Cream, Neem Facial Wash, Rose Otto Lip Love, Clarifying Facial Wash, Immortelle Facial Serum
For the Spirit: De La Noche Parfum, Madre Parfum, Rose Otto Perfume Oil, Guardian Perfume Oil, Palo Santo Essential Oil
Must Haves: Wildcrafted Lavender Essential Oil, Nourishing Facial Elixir, Aromatherapeutic Kit, organic Helichrysum essential oil

Alia Bringas Brand

Team Role: Artistic Visionary, Muse, General Production and Labeling Assistant, Bringer of Joy

What Inspires Me: To help create a loving close relationship with all of the amazing people and experiences that aromatherapy brings together, and to bring that feeling to people all over the country and hopefully the world. To work with a wide array of essential oils, all of the best quality, to make body products that actually make people feel really good after they are used. Knowing that the good thoughts and energies of aromatherapy are being spread to each person and that they too are building their own unique relationship with aromatherapy just like we all are.

Top Favorite Products:
Seasonal: After Sun Hydrating Lotion
For the Home: Evergreen AromaMist
For the Body: Hotel Vermont Lotion, Dry Scalp Herbal Masque
For the Face: Tulsi Rose MIracle Masque, True Love Rose Otto Facial Cream
For the Spirit: Tobacco Spruce Body Oil
Must Haves: Clarifying Facial Cream, Clarifying Facial Cleanser, Hotel Vermont Lotion, Rose Water, After Sun Hydrating Lotion



DaMarla Von Tipton

Team Role: Lead Retail Associate, Maitre D Extraordinaire, Voice of Reason

What Inspires Me: I am inspired when I witness the transformative nature of Aromatherapy! So often our customers share their positive experiences in using our products & essential oils. The circle of Love & Care from sourcing, design, production, customer service & customer feedback makes my job a joy!

Top Favorite Products:
Seasonal: Mocha Tan for the Body, Bite & Sting, Sole Soother Balm & Sinus Clearing Balm.
For the Body: Sandalwood & Patchouli Body Silk & Calendula Rose Salt Glow.
For the Face: Tulsi Rose Miracle Masque, Infinity Elixer of Youth, True Love Rose Otto Facial Cream & Neroli Hydrosol.
For the Spirit: Rose Perfume Balm, White Spruce & Frankincense Essential Oil & Ambrosia Aroma Mist.
Must Haves: Hand Sanitizing Mist & Chocolate Mint Lip Love.



Rachael Keener

Team Role: Lead Wholesale Sales Associate, Staff Herbalist, Senior Production Associate, Princess of Copy and Social Media

What Inspires Me: I’m inspired by the fundamental relationship that exists between plants and people. I feel awe and reverence in observing what happens when we take a moment to touch, taste, inspect or smell a plant; it can act as an instant reset moment, balancing our nervous systems and calling us into the moment, into ourselves, and into our place in the world. Beyond this momentary magic, I find inspiration in how working with plants over time can truly transform the experience we have in our bodies and our spirits. I love the nitty gritty science and the joyful art of formulating as well as the gift of getting to share what I make with others. Teaching and inspiring others to get to know their bodies and the plants on a deeper level brings me deep satisfaction, as does helping out when help is needed and working as a team.

Top Favorite Products:
For the Body: Lavender Rose Body Butter, Lavender Geranium Sugar Body Polish
For the Face:  Rose and Neroli Hydrosols, Tulsi Rose Miracle Mask
For the Spirit: Plumeria Perfume Oil, Sandalio Essence Oil, Less Stress Roll-On
Must Haves: Nourishing Facial Elixir, Wild Orange Essential Oil, Sports Salve

Raya Hayden

Team Role: Lead Packaging and Production Operations Associate, Mistress of Organization, Excitement Motivational Coach

What Inspires Me: A blissfully close connection with nature and all of her splendors. To walk through the forest, feeling the age old magic permeating from the plants within and without my heart and soul; as they inherently heal and transform mind, body and spirit. Ever evolving, plants are masters of change and adaptation, inspiring me to always continue growing and stretching for the warmth of the sun. The freedom I feel from plants, nature and music are the roots to my soul and have cultivated my undying passion for Aromatherapy!

Top Favorite Products:
Seasonal: AromaMists & Blasts, Foaming Hand Soaps (Cannot go anywhere without it)
For the Home: Mocha Tan/After Sun Hydrating Lotion
For the Body: Honey Baths, Ultra Lux Body Creams, Bath Salts, Evergreen Anything
For the Face: Honey Rose Lip Cream, Hydrosols, Cucumber Rosewater Facial Cream
For the Spirit: Amor/Madre/Miel De Rosa Perfume
Must Haves: Entire Aromatherapeutic Line, Bath & Body Oils, Sugar/Salt Body Polishes

shannon scarbrough

Team Role: Production Assitant, Aromatic Alchemy Apprentice, Chemistry Queen 

What Inspires Me: I am inspired by the natural world and the many ways in which she is surrounding us and nurturing us at any given moment. The way aromatics can take us immediately to a specific moment or place in the past and present more intensely than our other senses. And by the many hands that went in to growing, harvesting, processing, and bottling these precious essential oils from all around the world.

Top Favorite Products:
For the Home: 
Rosewood Palo Santo Candle, Cedarwood Lavender Aromamist, AromaGuard Blast 
For the Body: Lavender Geranium Body Silk, Sandalwood Vanilla Body Butter
For the Face:  Neem Facial Wash, Organic Bulgarian Rosewater, Nourishing Facial Elixir
For the Spirit: Neroli Frankincense Aromatic Body Oil, Deep Calm Synergy, Palo Santo  
Must Haves: Nourishing Facial Elixir, Herbal Skin Salve, Sports Salve 

mike incalcaterra

Team Role:  Assistant Packaging & Production Associate, Mr. Fix It, A Cool Dude With a Postive Attitude

What Inspires Me: For me, there is nothing quite like the early morning hours, when the world seems the most peaceful.  The sun rising over the new day gives me the feeling of endless possiblity, and that feeling is what causes me to create.  Just as we see creation in nature, I am inspired by the ability, and responsibility that we have as humans to create a life that is not only healthy for us but sustainable for the world around us. 

Top Favorite Products:
For the Body: Evergreen Body Wash, Rosewood Vanilla Body Silk
For the Face: Moisturizing and Conditioning Beard Oil
For the Spirit: Deep Calm Aroma Mist, Litsea Ylang Ylang Aroma Reeds
Must Haves: Deep Calm Body Lotion, Grapefruit Orange Foaming Hand Soap, my diffuser (and lot's of different synergies)