Aromatherapy on the Mountain

Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Home & Gifts|Dec 06, 2016

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by Shannon Scarbrough, Label & Production Assistant

Being new to the world of Lunaroma, I have come to realize that I am not new to the world of aromatherapy; I just never thought to put a label on it. Native plants have a strange way of giving you a sense of place, whether their leaves are decomposing on the wet forest floor, or just emerging as new life with the season’s changes.  In Vermont we have the ability to take a hike somewhere we have yet to explore; even then it feels like home.
Fir Needle Love

Since the combination of my love for the natural world, snowboarding and being in the mountains have come together; I have come to feel at peace amongst the northern hardwoods and conifers. There is not a day on snow that I don’t take a few moments to close my eyes, muddle flat fir needles between my fingers, and breathe in deep. I am often cause of concern for my friends that are riding with me because I am occasionally stopping to take in my surroundings. Any day inhaling these Green Mountains is revamping for my spirit, and makes me remember why I am here.
Mount Mansfield

When the winter day comes that I am unable to make it up to the mountain, I take solace in the beautifully bottled Evergreen Synergy. This brings the mountains right to me; I can close my eyes and picture being surrounded by those coniferous beauties. Scent for most people and me is a sharp reminder of past memories and specific times spent in nature. We have the aromas of our surrounding environment to thank for that.
Evergreen Aroma Mist


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