Cold Weather Self Care

Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Home & Gifts, Organic Skin Care|Mar 16, 2017

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by Aisha Kent, Retail Sales Associate

Taking a little extra time for self care in all seasons is so important and feels especially wonderful during the cold of winter.  Begin each day with dry brushing the entire body, starting with either the hands or feet and always moving toward the heart. This exfoliates dead skin cells.


Step into a warm bath or shower. I love spraying the Grapefruit Aroma Blast on the walls of the shower to heighten the aromatic experience. I enjoy using either our Organic Sunburst Body Wash with a brush or loofah, or our Wild Orange Sugar Body Polish. The fresh citrus scents are gentle yet enliven the senses. The juicy citrus aromas and the warm steamy shower provide a wonderful sensual experience.

Step out of the bath or shower, and apply either a body butter or body silk to wet skin. Leaving the skin damp allows the product to glide on effortlessly and helps push more moisture into the skin. My new favorite products for body moisturizing are our Vanilla Citrus Body Silk and Ode to the Bees Ultra Lux Body Creme. Gently pat dry and enjoy soft, silky smooth skin all day long.




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