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Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Home & Gifts|Nov 23, 2016

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Take a deep breath.  Imagine the smell of Sweet Orange, Lavender, Ginger and Cinnamon dancing through your home as friends and family share laughter, full bellies and smiles after your holiday feast. Diffusing essential oils is one of our favorite ways to provide continuous scent in the home or workplace in a safe, non-toxic way that you can feel good about–and a delightful touch to bring to your Thanksgiving gathering.

Enjoy a simple diffuser blend recipe from Leyla, Lunaroma founder, aromatherapist and product designer, to help you stay grounded and open-hearted during the busy holiday season:
Sweet Orange– 8
Ginger-4  or replace Ginger with Cinnamon

Leyla's at home diffuser where she created this special holiday blend.

Leyla’s at home diffuser where she created this special holiday blend.


Are you feeling inspired?   Check out more aromatic ideas for brightening your holidays below on our list of Lunaroma Synergies that we think are perfect for diffusing this time of year. These are timeless blends that Leyla began creating over 16 years ago!

Chai — Spicy, Warm, Masala notes of Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger…
A seasonal favorite when cold weather arrives and our senses crave the comfort and warmth of familiar spices. Chai spices dancing through the home makes for merry hearts and happy noses.

Evergreen — Coniferous, Fresh, Clean notes of Spruce, Fir, Pine…
Festive and fresh, Evergreen brings the invigorating smell of a conifer forest to your living space. The freshness of this blend is the perfect balance for too much Thanksgiving turkey and extra helpings of pie.

Joy — Bright, Floral, Citrusy notes of Jasmine, Grapefruit, Tangerine…
Keep the mood light and bright and incorporate our Joy Synergy into your holiday gathering. Citruses, which are featured in this blend, are some of the most universally enjoyed oils. Accompanied by enchanting jasmine, Joy is a beautiful scent for diffusing in a house full of guests.

Northern Comfort — Warm, Sweet, Cozy notes of Cinnamon, Orange, Cocoa…
Comforting indeed, the sweet and familiar aromas in this blend will help your guests feel relaxed and right at home. If you did all your baking ahead of time, you’ll still have the mouthwatering smells of your favorite desserts drifting pleasantly through your home.

Spiced Citrus — Sweet, Warming, Spicy notes of Sweet Orange, Clove, Cinnamon…
Citrus and spice make a quintessential and beloved combination. We love how this blend mingles perfectly with all of the delicious aromas wafting from your kitchen during the holidays.

What oils or synergies do you love to diffuse?  We love hearing what your favorites are!lunaroma_janets_samples_6


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