Oh, Oh Sweet Jamaica

Essential Oils, Organic Skin Care|Apr 06, 2017

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by Mercedes Mack, Lead Operations Associate


Imagine walking down a quiet back country road.  Creamy orange, hot pink, and white flowers spill over short fences.  Palm trees stretch mighty and tall, fans blowing in the warm sea breeze.  A front yard full of ackee, breadfruit, limes, and mangos.  This was my reality not so long ago in a small town outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Jamaica contains multitudes, just like all of us and the plant world that surrounds us.  Moving through the many manifestations of Jamaica was nourishing in the deepest sense of the word.  The people, the land and the climate (read: SUN!) left me with no choice but to give way to feelings of creativity and an absolute affirmation of joy and life.


I am an incredibly blessed and lucky person for many reasons.  There is nothing like spending sun filled days with friends and family.  Eating festival and fresh fried fish on the beach.  Drinking from coconuts, bathing in hidden mineral baths, and dancing all night in the streets of Kingston.  Seriously what could make it better?!  Well, maybe one thing… After Sun Hydrating Lotion.    

I brought many Lunaroma products with me.  (Actually so many that TSA told me that I couldn’t bring them all… I had to leave security and go check my bag with my beloved aromatic gems)

I loved having the After Sun Hydrating Lotion with me.  Taking care of myself is an ultra important component of successfully navigating my life.  The skin absorbs up to 90% of what we put on it which is why, for me, there are no shortcuts in my skin care regime.

It’s easy for me to recall the bright blue water and soft white sand.  My natural high from being in the sun all day was enhanced by adorning myself with After Sun Hydrating Lotion after long days of sun exposure.  I felt confident in the high quality ingredients.  It’s special to know that it was made in my hometown by skilled and caring hands.  A soft smile on my face as the scent was woven with the unique smells of Jamaica.  Literally heaven on earth.  


The After Sun Hydrating Lotion is super hydrating.  The color alone is enough to stop you in your tracks… and it’s all straight from nature baby!  The calendula infusion and carrot root oil infuse their bright carotenoids into this product, resulting in a vibrant, sunny, yellow color.  This color suggests it’s affinity for using after sun exposure.  After Sun Hydrating Lotion is full of botanicals that are naturally loaded with antioxidants that the skin happily drinks up.  It features organic aloe vera gel, coconut oil, shea butter, tulsi and more.  So whether you are heading out for a closer-to-the-equator adventure or preparing for summer’s arrival you’ll be super supported by the plants and synergy of this light lotion.  Ahhh long live the sun!


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