Salt, The Secret to My Glow

Aromatherapy, Organic Skin Care|Jan 14, 2017

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by Raya Hayden, Lead Labeling Operations Associate

Winter: the time of introspection and inner reflection is here among us. With the change of seasons comes the change of healing body rituals. With less sun, and less moisture in the air this is the time of year I find myself reaching and seeking out the comfort of moisturizing skin products such as our incredible salt glows!  We use three types of salt for maximum mineral content.  Salts and flowers have been used in bathing practices since time immemorial.  Our salt glows are designed to soften and exfoliate the skin.


This product replenishes what my body lacks, while bringing me sweet serenity as I envision being by the ocean side with the smell of salt surrounding me. I take a vow invoking the practice of gentle self love.


During these cold winter months I reach for the Calendula Rose Salt Glow.  The combination of nourishing calendula and romantic rose uplift and soothe my soul.img_9928-2

What are some of the self love practices that you incorporate into your daily routine?


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