Clarity Aroma Candle

  • Clarity... Clear, clean and fresh with notes of Basil, Lemon and Mint. Clarity stimulates and invigorates with an aromatic candle experience that is herbaceous, bright and perfect for burning in kitchens, on your desk while working, or in a bathroom.

    The scent of our Clarity Aroma Candle reminds us of the energizing feeling of walking through your garden and rubbing the leaves of aromatic herbs.  Light this candle anytime you want to go to a place of Clarity.

    Our beautiful line of Aroma Candles are made with 100% non-GMO Soy Wax, Hemp and Cotton wicks and pure Essential Oils and Absolutes and contain no synthetic fragrances or petroleum additives.


    Our premium Aroma candles are hand poured in small batches and are perfect for scenting your space, setting the mood, and elevating your daily lifestyle in a safe, non-toxic and all natural way. 


  • 100 % Non-GMO Soy Wax, Hemp and Cotton wick, pure essential oils and absolutes.


    No Parafin Wax

    No Synthetic Fragrances

    No Lead in wicks

    No Plastic

    No Petroleum


  • Before each lighting, stand up wick and trim to 1/4 inch. 


    For maximum aroma and to avoid tunneling and wasting of the candle burn time,  be sure to burn candle until wax pool extends to the edge of the candle.


    The aluminum lid may be used to extinguish the candle instead of blowing it out.  


    Always make sure to burn candles on nonflammable surfaces, and away from pets, curtains, children and anything else which is flammable. 

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