Fractionated Coconut Oil

  • Often used for making at-home aromatherapy blends, Fractionated Coconut Oil (also known as MCT oil) is known for its versatility. Through a process of hydrolysis and steam distillation, Fractionated Coconut Oil comes to us as an odorless and clear oil.

    It has a very long shelf life, is resistant to rancidity, and is quite stable. Unlike Virgin Coconut oil which becomes solid in temperatures below 78 degrees, Fractionated Coconut Oil remains a colorless liquid regardless of temperature.

    This type of oil also is favored as a less expensive option to Jojoba with a similar feel and absorption rate, and is used by massage therapists for deep tissue massage. Fractionated Coconut Oil also is less likely to stain sheets and cause a rancid scent in massage linens because of its stability.

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