Lunaroma's Sustainable Partnership with Local Hotels and B&Bs

Embracing Zero Waste & Refillable Organic Amenities

In an age where sustainability is paramount, It now marks 14 years since Lunaroma has embarked on an inspiring journey by collaborating with esteemed local Vermont hotels such as Hotel Vermont, Shelburne Farms, Hilton on the Waterfront, and numerous B&Bs as well as AirBnB’s. These innovative partnerships aim to provide the local community with zero waste, refillable organic amenities, such as our organic Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, organic Foaming Hand Soap, Lotion and even custom designed specialty amenities; all while significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Elevating the Hospitality Experience

Hotels and B&Bs have evolved to meet the demands of environmentally conscious guests seeking eco-friendly options. Our collaboration with these establishments not only enhances the overall hospitality experience but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices. By offering organic, refillable amenities, our partners ensure guests can enjoy luxurious self-care while minimizing waste and their ecological footprint.

Zero Waste Philosophy and Refillable Packaging

At the heart of the Lunaroma mission is our zero waste philosophy, which encompasses every aspect of our product life cycle. From sourcing ethically grown, sustainably harvested ingredients to utilizing refillable packaging, we take meticulous steps to minimize waste and environmental pollution.

Through these partnerships, hotels and B&Bs have the opportunity to offer their guests premium organic amenities in refillable containers. This innovative approach significantly reduces single-use plastic waste, as hotels can conveniently refill their toiletries from larger, sustainable containers provided by us, which inturn are also brought back to Lunaroma and are also refilled. By embracing refillable packaging, these establishments contribute to the ongoing effort to combat plastic pollution and promote a circular economy.

Local Community Empowerment

Lunaroma's collaboration with hotels and B&Bs also extends beyond the guest experience—it positively impacts the local community. By sourcing ingredients locally whenever possible and partnering with regional businesses, Lunaroma contributes to the growth of the local economy while doing our best in our industry to support sustainable agricultural practices.

By providing refillable organic amenities to the local community, Lunaroma empowers individuals to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. Guests who experience