Welcome to the world of Lunaroma. As the owner and founder of Lunaroma, I personally invite you to explore your senses and indulge in the aromatic pleasures which Lunaroma has to offer.

Through my journey with essential oils and the vast botanical ingredients we work with, I forever grow more intrigued and more deeply in love with the possibilities nature has to offer. By creating art with nature, I am always reminded of the importance of this ancient work’s manifestation in our modern world.

At Lunaroma, our vision has always been to focus on the purity and integrity of the ingredients we use while perfecting the mastery of blending, and infusing it with superb customer service...and always mixing in a bunch of style and love!

Established in the year 2000, we are a true centennial company, keeping with the values of an ancient art, yet lending awareness and focus on sustainability and eco-consciousness. We understand that aromatherapy is a global therapy, which requires respect of the natural world, support to skilled farmers and distillers, and acknowledgement of the resources used in transportation from many different countries of suppliers. The environmental impact of transportation is important to us, therefore we choose wisely when placing orders.  

We acknowledge we engage in a vast and rich ingredient pallet, so we go to extreme lengths to minimize waste. At Lunaroma, we reuse all packing material, refill all liquids, and recycle all other materials. We compost our plant material when making herbal infusions, we buy locally and organically grown herbs as well as honey, maple syrup and beeswax, and we make it a point to produce less than 1 bag of garbage for our entire company per week.

You will note, we do not have a catalog other than our website, and we provide very little printed material. We do this on purpose in order to reduce the waste we put out into the world.

At Lunaroma we also pride ourselves on thinking and working “outside of the box”. You will see our product offerings change while we explore different avenues of creativity and discover newly  available ingredients.  Creativity, purity, beauty, efficacy, and exploration is always at the forefront of our product lines.

At Lunaroma you will experience products produced by a team of people who truly love their work, take pride in making them, packaging them, and selling them with the utmost happiness, love and integrity.

We are grateful for your visit and are here to help you in anyway we are able so that you too may be guided to explore your senses and indulge in the gifts that are found in our aromatic and sensual world of botanicals and aromatherapy.


Leyla Bringas

Founder, Owner/Operator, Product Designer/Formulator, Certified Aromatherapist