Quality Difference

At Lunaroma, we are unwaveringly committed to using the purest, most high-quality, truly authentic ingredients in our products. We use organic and ethically wild-crafted essential oils and ingredients that come from both environmentally and socially responsible sources.  We have longstanding, trusted relationships with distillers and merchants that span the globe and we are confident in the exceptional quality of all of our raw ingredients.  

This commitment to quality is the most important tenet of our business and makes all the difference when it comes to the efficacy of our products.  When you use Lunaroma products over time, you will experience noticeable baseline shifts in the quality of your skin, your moods and your overall well-being. Often you when you come into contact with products you used in the past, you will notice a significant difference in your reaction to them. We support the "re-education" of your olfactory system by using only real aromatic oils rendered directly from plants. We never use synthetic oils or "nature identical" isolates in our formulas.

expertly crafted

Lunaroma is led by Leyla, a certified aromatherapist since 1997 and a master blender with over 20 years of experience in the field, who personally formulates every one of our recipes. All of our products are handmade by an educated, passionate and skillful team of aromatherapists, herbalists, and experienced product makers who pride themselves on attention to detail at every step of the way.  With our collective experience and expertise, you can rest assured that when you shop at Lunaroma, you are getting the best and most trusted products on the market.

pure inspiration

Plain and simple, the team at Lunaroma loves what we do.  Our joy, reverence and positive intention is infused into each and every product we make and every interaction we have. When you walk into our store, email us with a question, place an online order, or open and use one of our products, you too will experience this love and inspiration.

best value: concentrated and effective

When using our products, remember that a little goes a long way. Most products out there are full of fillers, sometimes synthetic and sometimes even just water. As a result, you have to use more and they are less effective. Our products are different. Being ultra-concentrated and full of pure, potent and intentionally chosen organic ingredients, you need to use a lot less, while getting much more.

Our facial care products are an excellent example of this. A one ounce facial cream or elixir will last you approximately three months when applied twice a day, or six months when applied once daily if used as directed.

If you live locally or come to visit us here in our Burlington shop, you can also experience the additional cost-savings of in-store liquid refills. Just bring in your clean, empty Lunaroma bottles and we will disinfect them and refill them at a discounted price, saving you the money you spent on the original cost of the container. We love saving you money and saving our bottles from entering landfills or recycling facilities. We choose refilling and reusing before recycling.