Aromatherapy: An Exploration of the Senses



Aromatherapy is the topical or inhaled use of aromatic plant essences and essential oils to support wellbeing and help maintain balance of the mind, body and spirit. Being both an art and a science, working with essential oils and aromatic plants is a truly holistic and dynamic approach to wellbeing and to life. Rooted in ancient traditions and modern scientific research, aromatherapy is a trusted, effective and all natural way to optimize your health and spark your vibrancy.

Emotional Balance

The applications of aromatherapy are many. You will see this reflected in the wide variety of products we offer at Lunaroma.

We blend synergies and products that can be worn, sprayed, inhaled, used for home products or for use in an essential oil diffuser to promote invigoration, uplifting of the spirits, focus of the mind, and gentle relaxation.

Relaxation is in fact one of the areas where aromatherapy really shines—helping you unwind during a passing stressful moment or melt away everyday tensions at the end of the day. Working here in the shop, we get to experience aromatherapy’s power daily for ourselves and also witness the immediate impact it has on everyone's mood when they walk through our doors. It is common to see customers instantly turn up their faces with a smile and take in a comforting deep breath.

Essential oils have the unique ability to effect our nervous systems directly and immediately. They can be used to support wakefulness and invigoration as well as relaxation. Scent is the only sense that travels directly to the brain, interacting with the limbic system without any filters.

The Finest Botanical Perfuming

Most perfumes on the market are filled with synthetic scents and fixatives.  If you are like us, you would rather forego the chemicals for all-natural and organic alternatives.  Your body will thank you, and so will your nose.  Essential oil botanical perfumes capture the raw and powerful essence of plants, anointing you with the world’s most pure, delicious, alluring and evoking scents. Whether using organic perfume oils, body sprays, or solid perfumes, your body and mind will feel best using all natural scents.

Skincare and Beyond

Aromatherapy is also great in skincare--for pleasantly scenting your everyday bath and body products, and also for the many ways that pure essential oils help maintain the health and vitality of your skin, scalp and hair. We skillfully craft the finest skin care formulas by including essential oils that support clean, healthy and balanced skin.

Whether indulging in a luxurious Rose Facial Elixir, an emollient skin-balancing Neem Cream with Lavender oil, a body scrub invigorated by Eucalyptus oil, or a beautifully scented revitalizing shampoo, your body care regimens will be elevated with the addition of essential oils and aromatherapy.

Practical Aromatherapy

We believe that aromatherapy is a powerful and effective tool for keeping you at your healthiest. With oils like Eucalyptus and Spruce that support respiratory function and Peppermint oil that supports clear, fresh and healthy breathing, essential oils deserve a dedicated place in everyone’s home.

Aromatherapy Always

The everyday use of aromatherapy is a wonderful way to help you be your best self and a powerful tool for transforming your life. Whether you use essential oils aesthetically for the aroma, in a natural body care product, or as a means to supporting your wellbeing, you will notice a difference in your life experience by the addition of aromatherapy.