The Foaming Hand Soap Project was created as Lunaroma’s good will effort to better the community of Burlington, Vermont. By using pure, plant-based organic soap to wash your hands with no toxins go into our water, such a simple effort helps create a cleaner lake and cleaner waterways. The project’s goal is to educate everyone on the value of using botanically sourced, safe ingredients, not only as a measure towards eco-consciousness but also towards health consciousness, and the pure joy of aromatherapy, which comes out of experiencing plant aromatics.

Lunaroma hand soap is organic and non-toxic as well as completely biodegradable. It is blended with only 100% pure and inherently anti-microbial essential oils. It is free of detergents, sulfates, synthetic and artificial chemicals, fragrances, preservatives, and animal products. 

We use refillable, wall-mounted dispensers to avoid the single use, plastic disposable inserts which most soap companies offer.  Switching from a disposable plastic insert to a refillable soap reservoir has the potential to eliminate thousands of plastic bag inserts in landfills every single month. Our goal is to reduce our client’s hand soap waste to zero percent by offering our hand soap in containers that, once empty, are refillable at our shop at 688 Pine Street in Burlington, VT.

We have chosen foaming soap due to its efficiency in cleaning, and its incredible cost effectiveness. More hand washings are possible from equal amounts of liquid soap in foam form versus what is yielded in non-foam form. Foaming hand soap lasts much longer and ultimately has less of an economic impact on our clients, which equals to saving money. Additionally, our price point is less per ounce than our commercial competitor’s hand soap options, all while using better ingredients, so as to motivate clients to switch over to a sound, environmental option, which also smells great.

Please join us in our efforts to think globally, act locally and make a difference in our community and all communities! If every establishment in our city alone took the time to make this one decision, imagine the collective impact we would make!