Giving Back to Our Community with

Organic Hand Soap

The Foaming Hand Soap Project was created as Lunaroma’s effort to better our community and support cleaner waterways. By employing the use of pure plant-based ingredients, we are creating a healthier option for all who live in and visit our beautiful city of Burlington, Vermont.

Lunaroma hand soap is organic and non-toxic as well as completely biodegradable. It is blended with only 100% pure essential oils. Unlike commercial soaps on the market, it is free of detergents, sulfates, synthetic and artificial chemicals, fragrances, and preservatives that pollute our water systems and hurt our wildlife.

reducing waste

We use refillable, wall-mounted dispensers to avoid the single use, plastic-bag, disposable inserts which most companies offer. Switching from a disposable plastic insert to a refillable soap reservoir eliminates thousands of plastic bag inserts from ending up in landfills every month. Our goal is to reduce our client’s hand soap waste to zero.

Our sink-side pumps, gallon and 5-gallon containers, once emptied, are all refillable at Lunaroma on Pine Street. Lunaroma’s foaming hand soap lasts much longer than standard liquid soap and ultimately has less of an economic impact on our retail customers and project partners.

get involved

Please join us in our efforts to change the way we wash our hands by using products that are clean, do not pollute our environment, and are practical, while providing an aromatic aesthetic experience.

Contact us for further information and to access our wholesale pricing.