Powered by Beauty, Love, and Commitment

The Lunaroma team is founded on education, creativity, superb customer service, personal integrity, love of plants and essential oils, and our desire to have fun while making a difference in our lives and the quality of life of our customers and everyone we reach with the Art and Science of Pure Aromatherapy.

Meet Our Team

Leyla Bringas

Team Role:  Founder, Certified Aromatherapist,  Formulator and Designer, Company Director, La Patrona

What Inspires Me:  The transformative power of essential oils and healing plants. I love the way they demonstrate their abilities to influence all areas of life and wellbeing.  I love the way one becomes in tune with their rich lessons by simply using our aromatic products in our daily lives.  Beauty, nature, and the art of being organized and detail oriented. My beautiful daughter, my family, and my Cuban heritage. The magic of transforming space and experience through scent.

Top Favorite Products

Seasonal:  Mocha Tan, After Sun 

For the Home:  Lemon Lavender Foaming Hand Soap, Eucalyptus Blast, Wild Orange essential oil which I add to my dishwashing liquid, my beloved diffusers, all the synergies!!

For the Body:  Ambrosia, Less Stress and Evergreen Body Washes, Jasmine Body Butter, Jasmine Sandalwood Sugar Body Polish

For the Face:  Clarifying Facial Cream, Neem Facial Wash, Rose Otto Lip Love, Clarifying Facial Wash, Nourishing Facial Elixir, Pure Radiance Hyaluronic Serum

For the Spirit:  De La Noche Parfum and Perfume Oil, Madre Parfum, Rose Otto Perfume Oil, Guardian Perfume Oil, Palo Santo Essential Oil

Must Haves:  Wildcrafted Lavender Essential Oil, wildcrafted Tea Tree Essential Oil, Nourishing Facial Elixir, Confidence Ultra Luxe Body Lotion, organic Helichrysum Essential Oil


Michael Incalcaterra

Team Role: Production Specialist, Inventory Management Deity, Delivery Expert, Maintenance Chief, Janitorial Services Associate 

What Inspires Me: The endless growth and adaptability of the natural world. The ability of plants and animals to survive and thrive in the harshest environments. 

Top Favorite Products  

Seasonal: After Sun Hydrating Lotion

For the Home: Patchouli Orange Foaming Hand Soap, Mojito Aroma Candle, Evergreen Aroma Blast, Muscle Soak Aromatic Bath Salt, Alchemy by Atmosphoria

For the Body: Lavender Patchouli Body Butter, Herbal Skin Salve, Hard Working Hands, Muscle Rub

For the Face: Beard Oil, Basil Lime Lip Love, Lavender Chamomile Soft Smooth Shave, Love My Mask Mist

For the Spirit: Rose Neroli Cologne Body Spray, Palo Santo Wood, Lemon Lavender AromaMist, Patchouli Essential Oil 

Must Haves: Dragon Fire and Ice Liniment, Breathe Clear Balm, Essential Hand Cream

Sherri Rigby

What Inspires Me: Artists and entrepreneurs like Leyla… creators and makers of all kinds who bring to life something that benefits their community.  The natural world and all of the incredible ways the plants enhance our lives with their beneficial qualities and their beauty.  People who practice gratitude and loving kindness. And - my two amazing daughters!
Top Favorite Products


Seasonal: Bugs Be Gone, Mocha Tan, After Sun Hydrating Lotion

For the Home: Cedarwood Lavender foaming hand soap, Forest Atmosphoria, Evergreen and Sunburst synergies

For the Body: Bergamot Vetiver Sugar Body Polish, Patchouli Lavender Body Butter, Peppermint Breath Fresh, Breathe Clear Balm

For the Face: Cucumber Rosewater Facial Wash, Organic Bulgarian Rosewater, Aloe and E Facial Gel, Blue Dream Replenishing Facial Lotion

For the Spirit: White Cedar perfume balm, Rose Otto perfume oil, Palo Santo                                                                                                    

Must Haves: Rose and Fir Balsam Ultra Luxe Body Lotion, Rose Otto Lip Love, Fir Balsam essential oil 



Alia Bringas Brand

Team Role: Photographer, Production Assistant, Social Media Advisor,  Artistic Visionary, Muse.

What Inspires Me: I am inspired to help my Visionary Boss Mom fulfill her dreams in creating a resource for people to access clean, environmentally friendly and personalized aromatherapy and natural body care products. I am with Lunaroma to unify those who respect each other, the environment, and the communities we love in a healthy and exciting way! 

Top Favorite Products

Seasonal: Mocha Tan 

For the Home: Evergreen Aromamist

For the Body: Tobacco Spruce Ultralux Body Cream, shaving cream 

For the Face:  Ancient Earth Rose Clay Mineral Scrub, Exfoliating Cleansing Cream, True Love Rose Otto Facial Cream

For the Spirit: Tobacco Spruce Body Oil

Must Haves: Clarifying Facial Cream, Clarifying Facial Cleanser, Hotel Vermont Lotion, Rose Water, After Sun Hydrating Lotion