Aroma Diffuser 300ml

  • Our 300ml Ultrasonic Nebulizer is an optimal solution for diffusing essential oils into the air. It uses water delivery and advanced ultrasonic technology, without ever reaching a heating point. It is an ideal diffusion system for offices and small to medium bedrooms, running up to 6 hours in continuous mode, in either 1, 2, or 6 hour diffusion time mode, with adjustable light features. Perfect for providing mood lighting or a soft night light, this diffuser needs only 8-12 drops of essential oil to scent up to 300sqft. Easy to clean, and reliable, it's the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of essential oil diffusion.

    NOTE: Due to variations in volatility rate of essential oils, some essential oils will not last as long as others while diffusing. Adding additional drops after a few hours of diffusing may be necessary in order to continue a desired scent in the air. 

    Area covered: 200-400 sq ft
    Runtime: up to 6 hours (or choose from 60min, 180min, or 360min settings)
    Rotating light setting
    Easy to clean

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