Aroma Diffuser 100ml

  • Our 100ml Ultrasonic Nebulizer is one of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of diffusing essential oils into the air. Using a water delivery method and ultrasonic technology, the essential oils never get heated. The 100ml nebulizer is the perfect way to transform an office or small bedroom. It runs for approximately 3-4 hours on continuous mode until the water runs out. You can also choose one or two hour diffusion time, which will turn off the system after the chosen amount of time. The diffuser has a light feature which either scrolls through a set number of calming colors, allows you to choose one color to stay on, or allows for no light at all. When on, it makes for great mood lighting day or night, or a soft night light as you drift off to sleep. This diffuser is easy to clean, and uses just 6-8 drops of essential oil to scent approximately 400 square feet.

    NOTE: Due to variations in volatility rate of essential oils, some essential oils will not last as long as others while diffusing. Adding additional drops after a few hours of diffusing may be necessary in order to continue a desired scent in the air. 

    Area covered: 200-400 sq ft
    Runtime: 3-4 hours (or choose from 1 and 2 hour settings)
    Rotating light setting
    Easy to clean

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