Aromatic Car Diffuser Stainless Steel

  • Set your aromatherapy driving mood with our Aromatic Car Diffuser.

    Easy to use with a sleek, modern aesthetic, this simple device amounts to everything we love in a car diffuser. Simply clip into a vent in your car and add a 10-15 drops of essential oil to the removable felted insert. Crank up the heat or A/C and soon your favorite aromas will be drifting all around you as you drive to work, run your errands, or set sail on a cross-country road trip with the family.

    Each diffuser comes with 10 different colored felt inserts and a velvet branded Lunaroma gift bag. Additional replacement packs of 10 different color pads are also available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Really Sets the Mood

I love this diffuser! I have got a selection of the Lunaroma's essential oil blends to put me in the headspace I need to be in. It's long lasting, and it looks beautiful. I'd definitely recommend if you spend lots of time in your car.

Terri A.C.
Attitude Changing!

Such a need when taking long rides! Kids cranky? Use some synergies to mellow out the mood! I use Breathe Clear when feeling tired to wake up those senses and focus. I also like to use Gingersnap or Protection Synergies during winter months- like when we ride around to look at Christmas lights. If only Clark Griswold had this when he went to get his tree!

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