Cobalt Glass Foaming Hand Soap Bottle 7oz (Empty)

  • We are so excited to finally offer a premium cobalt glass bottle for our Foaming Hand Soap. This bottle is offered empty so you may fill it with any of our organic and non-toxic biodegradable soap scents. The smooth action Stainless Steel pump dispenses the perfect amount of foaming soap, and the decorative glass bottle is the perfect compliment for your bathroom or kitchen.

    All of our soaps are blended with only 100% pure essential oils. Unlike commercial soaps on the market, it is free of detergents, sulfates, synthetic and artificial chemicals, fragrances, and preservatives that pollute our water systems and hurt our wildlife.

    Please Note: All Refill Sizes DO NOT include our foamer bottles. If you are purchasing a bulk foaming soap refill size, and do not already have a foaming soap bottle, please include an empty foamer bottle in your purchase to use with your bulk refill soap so your soap will foam as it should. 

  • Cobalt Glass Bottle, Stainless Steel Foamer Pump
  • Fill our cobalt glass bottles with our foaming hand soap liquid soap to the top of the logo only. The pump will not foam if overfilled, as air is necessary to create foam. Our soap is safe to use on hands as well as all other body parts. To use, wet hands well with water, apply 2-3 pumps of foaming soap, rub hands together for at least 20 seconds making sure to cover all surface areas, in between fingers and nails and under rings, rinse well, dry hands. Enjoy the pleasure and fun of our organic and pure aromatic hand soap.

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