Creme de Calendula

  • As evidenced by its rich golden-orange color, our Creme de Calendula is the most concentrated and luxurious Calendula Cream we have ever experienced. It is our ode to the Calendula flower, one of skin care's most beloved herbs. Deeply moisturizing and rich in resins, this magical cream is like pure sunshine for your skin. Made with the most beautiful and vibrant Vermont grown Calendula by our dear friends at Zack Woods Herb Farm.


  • Organic Calendula infusion in organic olive oil, organic hydrosols of Calendula & Helichyrsum, organic Jojoba, organic Coconut Oil, organic Shea butter, VT beeswax, non GMO Vitamin E D-alpha, organic Glycerin, pure organic and wildcrafted essential oils
  • Apply with love to needed area 3 to 4 times a day.

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