Honey Rose Hydrating Masque

  • Rose...gently nourishing and hydrating. Our Honey Rose Hydrating Masque is a vacation for your skin with the soft sweet scent of Rose to remind you of your beauty. The wonders of pure raw Vermont honey, organic Aloe Vera and organic Rose Otto are a delight for any skin type. Revitalizing, cleansing, firming, moisturizing, promotes circulation and exfoliating all in one! Honey Rose Hydrating Masque is wonderful for all skin types but especially for sensitive skin. It supports all skin types and is perfect for the graceful aging of skin, no matter your age.


  • Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Raw Vermont Honey, organic Jojoba, organic Bulgarian Rosewater, organic Vegetable Glycerin, Colloidal Silver, organic Alkanet Infusion in organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, organic Willow Bark**, organic Guar Gum, organic Echinacea**, organic Acai**, organic Propolis**, Colloidal Gold, and 100% Pure Essential Oils. (**=Extracted in organic Grain or organic Sugar Cane Alcohol)
  • Apply onto clean face in a circular motion with clean fingers or a facial brush, allow to penetrate for at least 20 minutes. Some of our clients prefer letting it dry and leaving it on overnight. Rinse with warm water, follow with toner and moisturizer.

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