Lavender Body Cologne

  • Our Lavender Body Cologne is blended from our favorite Lavenders from around the world and is highlighted with the perfuming delight of Lavender Absolute. Used widely in the world of Botanical Perfuming, Lavender Absolute captures the soft, powdery, light and honeyed scent of Lavender, deeper and longer lasting than our beautiful steam-distilled Lavenders. Once combined, our Lavender Body Cologne is fresh, floral, herbaceous and perfect to layer with almost any other scent. 

    Enjoy a versatile, expressive, mist-on application. Made with our house formulated cologne base using organic Grape Alcohol, and our masterfully blended scents made with only pure, botanically extracted essential oils and absolutes, our Body Colognes are our easiest and lightest choice in personal perfume scenting.

    Our line of Body Colognes are strong enough to use alone, but are also wonderful for a quick touch up to strengthen layers of Perfume Oil or Perfume. Our Body Colognes are beautiful in combination with our Body Butters, Body Oils, perfume balm or organic alcohol perfumes.

    Our Body Colognes can be misted on the skin, on your hair and your clothing (we do not recommend spraying on suede, silk or other delicate materials) for extending the time before they dissipate. 

    Pro Tip: Body Colognes, in an organic Alcohol base, do not freeze. We like to keep these in our cars all year round for a quick mist before going anywhere. To keep scent integrity, keep in the console away from direct sunlight. 

  • Pure Essential Oils and Absolutes in a house made Cologne base containing organic Grape Alcohol and organic botanical ingredients. 

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