Linden Blossom Precious Perfume Essence Oil

  • Fresh and Floral with Green notes, Linden Blossom Perfume Oil is made with our beautiful, organic Linden Blossom CO2. Linden Blossom is sweet, deeply floral with bright fruity notes and a delicate green and fresh aroma reminiscent of Linden Blossom tea and fresh blooming Linden Blossoms.

    Our Perfume Oil Roll-Ons are made in the most pure and clean style possible; by blending premium essential oils and absolutes in a base of organic Jojoba. Organic Jojoba, being odorless and extremely shelf stable, is the perfect base for this perfume oil. It's an ideal medium for allowing all of the precious botanical aromatics of our aromatherapy essential oil synergies to fully express themselves.

  • Organic Jojoba, pure essential oils and/or absolutes.
  • Apply to pulse points, front and back of neck, chest, and anywhere scent is desired. For longer lasting scent, also apply a small amount to your hands before running them through your hair and/or gently patting down your clothes.


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