Madre Parfum

  • Madre "Mother" is a mystical blend with a sacred and ancient feeling of wholeness, protection and divinity.  Madre is complex, transformative and provoking. With notes of earth, floral, citrus and sweet, it is a balanced, and expressive composition. In this fascinatingly beautiful blend you will find notes of Amber, Rose, Neroli, Sandalwood and Spices.

    Each scent in our Organic Botanical Pafum line is blended with our most precious and exclusive pure essential oils and premier absolutes in our house-made organic perfume base featuring organic Grape Alcohol. Containing the highest concentration of essential oils and absolutes of any of our Botanical Perfume Line, our Organic Parfum provides you with the most rich and pleasurable aromatic experience.

    Our beautifully hand crafted Organic Parfums are delivered in our signature glass bottles etched with a moon and protected in a signature carrying case and storage tin.

    Please Note: Our trial sizes are packaged in 1 ml glass bottles with roller balls. They do not include the tin or the Lunaroma branded velvet bag.

  • Pure Essential Oils, Absolutes and Botanical Extracts in Organic Grape Alcohol
  • Apply to pulse points, dab behind the neck, in your hair and wherever you desire to anoint yourself with pure plant magic.

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