Maximo Essence Oil

  • Maximo Essence Oil is spicy, earthy, sightly green and woodsy all while being fresh and crisp. Blending the clear and revitalizing spice of Black Pepper with the sweet green note of Oakmoss and gentle strength of Sandalwood all with a clean expressive top note of HoWood and citrus. 

    About the Collection:

    Inspired by Leyla’s rich Cuban culture, this line is full of robust and vibrant scents. While these essences were originally designed to satisfy our customer's requests for "Men's Scents" and embody the masculine, they have grown to be worn and enjoyed by all. We at Lunaroma firmly believe in the gender fluidity of all aromas and do not compartmentalize scent with gender. We believe the tradition of doing so was and is still largely associated with marketing. Although many different oils have been traditionally used in the balancing of varying human conditions, we believe that what you love it what you should wear.

    Each scent in the Cuban Collection of Essence Oils is carefully crafted with care and intention using the highest quality pure essential oils and absolutes in a base of organic Jojoba and/or organic Grape Alcohol. 

    Note: Our Essence Oil Roll-Ons are made in the most pure and clean style; by blending premium essential oils and absolutes in a base of organic Jojoba and occasionally using organic Grape Alcohol for aromatic materials too viscous to blend into Jojoba alone. Organic Jojoba, being odorless and extremely shelf stable, is the perfect base for our Cuban Essence Oil Collection. It is an ideal medium for allowing all of the precious botanical aromatics of our aromatherapy essential oils and absolutes to fully express themselves.

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