Midsummer - Fresh Collection

  • Midsummer is an irresistibly clean and light natural air freshener featuring fresh and floral aromas of Rose Geranium, Lemon, and Mint.

    All Atmosphoria AromaMists are all natural, plant-based aromatherapy sprays made with compressed air, essential oils, absolutes and water. Atmosphoria is formulated and manufactured by aromatherapists to contain nothing synthetic, no toxic propellants and no petrochemicals. Only pure ingredients which are safe for you and your family are found in Atmosphoria. 

    Midsummer is part of the refined, clearing and expansive scents found in our Fresh Collection which creates exceptionally sublime scentscapes that aromatically enliven, brighten and deliver clarity wherever and whenever you need it. 

    Our Fresh Collection takes some of our favorite everyday aromatics like Frankincense, Mint, Ginger and Rose Geranium and synergizes them into irresistibly light and crisp aromas. 

    The Fresh Collection is ideal anytime you want to create a serene and expansive ambiance, after you've tidied your home or office, in the yoga room, or before guests arrive.

  • Pure water, Pure essential oils and absolutes, non-GMO Sugar Cane Alcohol, Vegetable emulsifier. 
  • Mist into air and waft when using as an air freshener. May also be sprayed directly on surfaces which can tolerate water or being wiped down, such as car seats, bedspreads, counters, tables, curtains, rugs, etc,. Please note, this is a water-based aerosol air freshener and will make surfaces wet. Do not use on surfaces which may be damaged by water or essential oils. 


    Keep can upright while spraying. Do not spray upside down.


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