Palo Santo Bracelet

  • These unique bracelets are made from aromatic Palo Santo beads. Palo Santo, a sacred hardwood tree found in regions of South and Central America, has a wonderfully sweet and resinous aroma. Traditionally used to expel negative energy, cleanse a space, and bring peace and harmony, Palo Santo exudes a serene ambiance. Enjoy the clean, natural aesthetic, energetic power and wonderful scent of these beautiful bracelets.

    Please note, the bracelets are approximately the same size but are threaded on elastic nylon thread, so they do have a bit of stretch.

    Our bracelets are made from sustainably-harvested fallen branches of Palo Santo wood.
  • Sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood from fallen limbs of Equador.
  • Burn wood with a candle or lighter, then blow out and allow smoke to permeate. 

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