Peppermint Essential Picks

  • Essential Picks are toothpicks scented with your favorite organic essential oils. They are great for freshening up the breath, something to enjoy chewing on, to use after eating and as an alternative to smoking. We use sustainably harvested bamboo wood toothpicks and 100% organic essential oils, so you can feel great about using them. Essential Picks come in a sturdy glass container, the larger size with the cork, we recommend for the table or a place where it will be stable (not your purse or backpack, as the cork may become loose causing picks to spill), for travel, choose the smaller size for your purse or backpack, as it has a screw top. You can use the larger one to refill your smaller one with.

  • Sustainably harvested Bamboo Wood toothpicks with organic essential oil of Peppermint.
  • Perfect for using after eating or just for freshening the breath, enjoy as often as desired.

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