Sole Soother Balm

  • Now packaged in bigger 1/2 oz size!

    Neem, traditionally used in India for thousands of years, is the key player in our Sole Soother Balm. Wonderful for dry, cracked skin on the fingers and soles of feet. Specifically designed to go on feeling "dry" so you can go on with your day and handle objects without making them oily. Perfect for use in the winter for hands, and summer for feet, to keep the skin soft and free from cracks and splits.


  • Vermont Beeswax, organic Jojoba, organic Calendula Infusion in organic Olive Oil, organic Neem, Carrot Oil, non-GMO Vitamin E, organic Calophyllum inophyllum, organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, pure organic and wild crafted essential oils.
  • Rub into to the skin whenever chafing and drying, cracked skin is present. Use as often as desired. Also perfect for those who work outside in the winter or those whose skin dries out excessively due to handling of cardboard or paper.

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