Tea Tree Aroma Blast

  • Tea Tree Aroma Blast is a clearing, clean, expansive, medicinal smelling, slightly spicy scent. Loved by so many as the cleansing oil, Tea Tree is wonderful in settings where clean is Queen. Use it for spraying into garbage cans to rid of bacteria causing odor and to water used for washing floors. Great for adding to natural cleaners to then spray onto tile floors before using a steam cleaner. Tea Tree has way too many uses to list, but we encourage you read all about it!

    Aroma Blasts are great for tough jobs like garbage cans, cars, or wherever a quick, highly-concentrated "blast" of scent is needed to freshen up a bathroom, closet, basement, or any other space.

    We recommend these 100% pure essential oils and combinations for making your own cleaning products for the home, for soap making, candle making, or for any project which calls for a larger amount of oil and a more economical, crafter's grade oil is needed.

    Pro Tip: Use a few mists of Aroma Blast on the shower tiles to create your own spa scented steam shower at home. 

  • Aroma Blasts are 100% pure essential oils only.
  • Use with a recipe for creating cleaning products, soap and candle making or one spray mist in the air is all you need to freshen up any space.. Spray for air freshening only, avoid contact with eyes and skin, not for use for scenting the skin unless diluted in a carrier oil. May also be used in a diffuser for scenting the home.

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